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Brian taking care of business!

About the Author Brian Hargis serves as a Chaplain to the U.S. Army but his journey began in 1991 when he enlisted in the Army to jump from airplanes. After fulfilling his active-duty obligation, Brian transitioned to the Ohio Army National Guard and was assessed to become a Green Beret with 2nd Battalion, 19th Special Forces Group (Airborne).

Brian was selected for U.S. Army Special Forces training from 1995-1996, and upon completion of language school and graduation he served as a Special Forces Engineer on ODA 955. By 2003 he had deployed numerous times to several different countries on peacekeeping and foreign internal defense missions. After back-to-back missions in Hungary, Kuwait and Kosovo, Brian switched fields and became a Senior Drill Sergeant in the Army Reserves, graduating with honors.

After two successful years training Soldiers, Brian returned to Special Forces and was promoted to Master Sergeant (E-8). For the next two years he evaluated, trained, supervised and mentored several hundred Soldiers to become qualified SF Green Berets, many of whom are serving in the U.S. Army today.

Serving in the U.S. Army National Guard and the Army Reserves afforded Brian the opportunity to have a civilian career. Beginning in 1999 until 2003, he served his community as a police officer for the City of Dayton, Ohio while attending seminary and teaching in local church ministries. In August of 2003, Brian resigned from the Police Department and entered full-time Christian service where he was ordained and ministered as an Assistant Pastor, Youth Minister, hospital and jail Chaplain for the following six years.

Completing his Master of Divinity in 2007, he recognized God’s direction to become an Army Chaplain to bring military members and their families the message of hope. Brian surrendered to the call and has served with numerous military units, which included deployments for Operation Enduring Freedom and Operation Resolute Support. Additionally he has served as senior pastor to military congregations at Fort Drum, NY, Fort Polk, LA and Fort Bragg, NC.

Brian still jumps from airplanes in the U.S. Army, but his real passions are preaching, teaching, counseling, developing leaders and building ministries. Brian is married to Tracy of Dayton, Ohio, since 1992. They have three sons, Jordan, Izak and Levi. Free moments are spent enjoying each other and living life to the fullest with the Lord as the center.

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