Charitable Programs


The Asher Family Foundation was founded on the principle that 100% of your charitable donations will be used to fulfill the mission of one of our charitable programs, not administrative and operational cost. That is our commitment to you. This is all thanks to our Funding Members.



Helping to promote better relationships and understanding in marriages and families through ministry. Working with our network partners to provide funding for Christian-based marriage and family counseling, helping families to resolve problems and heal.

Back To School Program

Going back to school is more financially demanding every year with schools placing requirements on families to provide classroom supplies that use to be provided by the school. Backpacks, school supplies and financial assistance for clothing are ways we can help families during this time.

Christmas Joy Program

Christmas is a special time of year for families gathering together and celebrating the birth of Christ. Parents work hard to provide for their families year round and sometimes there is not always enough to celebrate the joy of Christmas, even in a modest way. This is a time, even more than others, when we can share the love of Christ and help families experience the joy of Christmas.

Program Execution

The Asher Family Foundation has developed an established network and partnership of Christian churches and organizations from various denominations to identify families who may benefit from one our charitable programs. All program grants are administered through our church partners. No grants will be administered directly to an individual or family.

We look forward to growing our network of church partners and faith-based organizations. If your church or organization has interest in discussing this opportunity further please contact our executive director.

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